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Past projects include:


The Night Class – a horror story published serially by Monstrum Athenaeum about vampires, maladaptive friendship, Seattle, and submission grappling.

Beast Clans – a series of promotional comic books for a collectible card game, set in an Earth where humanity has departed and sentient animals battle for supremacy.

Video Games

Additional dialogue for Melancholy Republic, a story-driven RPG by Cloud Runner Studios.

Writing and everything else for Gwynet’s Quest, an amateur RPG Maker project that nevertheless has some fun bits.

Tabletop Games

Creature descriptions for Stibbles’ Codex of Companions, a compendium of creatures from Ghostfire Gaming.

A chapter on “session zero” for Grim Hollow: The Players Guide, a companion book for a grimdark fantasy setting from Ghostfire Gaming.